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  • Nanny/Hidden Cameras

    Do you have unsupervised children, guests, or other family members at your home where, while you are gone, something goes awry at your house, and none of them knows anything? Are you suspicious of your babysitter/nanny of doing harm to your toddlers or having guests over who should not be at your house? Do you think your landlord, apartment manager, unit superintendent may be illegally coming into your residence when you're not there? Are co-workers and/or employees not doing what they are supposed to be doing when you're not around?

    Well, let's ease those fears by obtaining a quality covert hidden/nanny camera for your home. These cameras are excellent at capturing footage while you are away and are completely innocuous. From clock cameras, mirror cameras, smoke detector cameras, and more. With built in DVR's, stunnersecurityproducts.com is sure to have the hidden/nanny camera you need.

  • Tasers and Taser Accessories at Stunner Security Products

    Stunnersecurityproducts.com now has a complete line of Tasers and Taser accessories. From the Taser C2 complete kits (Basic and Gold kits in various colors), training cartridges, holsters, extended power magazines, replacement cartridges, and M26C & X26C kits, and the X2 Defender kit, we are bound to have something to fit you and your needs. So, stop on in, take a look, and get the Taser gun you need. All Taser C2 Gold Kits come a with laser, LED, 2 live cartridges, one training cartridge, one holster, one lithium power magazine, and one target. All Taser X2 Defender kits come with 4 Live Cartridges, one PPW dual lasers, LED, and one Practice Target.

    Taser X2 in black. Taser X2 in black.
    Taser C2 in red Taser C2 in red
  • Personal Security Products for Women

    Hey Ladies,

    You want or already have a personal protection device (stun gun,

    Rhinestone Pepper spray in Navy blue Rhinestone Pepper spray in blue leatherette holster.

    defense/pepper spray), but you're looking for something that is not only effective, but stylish. Well, your prayers have been answered. Check stunnersecurityproducts.com's selection of fashionable and stylish stun guns and defense/pepper sprays. From Wildfire and Peppershot brand leatherette Rhinestone Pepper sprays (black, blue, pink, red), MACE Exquisite Rhinestone Purse Model defense sprays (pink, silver, and black), MACE Pepper Batons, MACE Pink Pepper Gun, compact stun guns, stylish stun guns, Tasers, and other MACE Defense products for Women. If you run into a seriously ghoulish character, we also have Vampire Pepper spray, for those times when garlic simply won't do.

  • Protect Yourself from A Spiked Drink

    For those of you out there who like to party it up and have a good time, do yourself a favor and take some Drink Guard Date Rape Detector kits with you when you go out. You will not regret it! How many times have you heard a story which involved someone being sexually assaulted and/or robbed due to being "ruffied" or having a "mickey" slipped in his/her drink? How many of you know someone or know of someone who has had this happen to them? Maybe it has even happened to you. Do not be a victim! Have a test kit with you at all times, and test that drink! Also, be a good friend and give one or two to your friends to help protect them from this reprehensible act.

  • Hello and Welcome!

    Hello, I am Mr. Cason, owner and facilitator of  Stunner Security Products and I would like to take this time to welcome you to stunnersecurityproducts.com.

    Through the use of the stunnersecurityproducts.com blog, I will periodically be placing relevant content/articles/stories pertaining to personal security, home security, and security in general.  I will attempt to entertain, educate, and inform you of various security measures, security products, and best security practices. I also hope to learn a thing or two from the experiences and knowledge of others. Product reviews of various security products and security products accessories will also be placed on the blog from time to time.

    In order to facilitate a good rapport and open communication between customers and Stunner Security Products, you are wholeheartedly encouraged to leave a comment about your experience with us, our products,  security in general, or to simply just say thanks. When commenting, please ensure that your comments are respectful and relevant. You are also encouraged to ask questions and get answers to those questions that will benefit you (and others) so that you (and others) gain the knowledge necessary to better understand not only your personal security needs/concerns but your overall security needs/concerns.

    In the event that you would like to leave us a comment but not post it to the blog, simply click the "Contacts" link at the top right of  any page of the stunnersecurityproducts.com website and leave your comment in the "comments" section of the page.

    And with that, I again welcome you and thank you for coming to stunnersecurityproducts.com. Enjoy!

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